Hello World!

I tried and failed at getting into the habit of publishing something here. Regularly, or at all. This is another attempt.

Hello World!

See, that was easy!

I'm paying for the hosting of this site for about 4 years now. Back then I figured that maintaining my own, custom built website was too much of a hassle. And I thought it was also the main reason that kept me from blogging.
lol, right?

Well, fast forward to today. I switched the theme of this site about 2 time now, but there's still not a single blog post finished and published here.
Guess it's time to face the facts. While the platform I'm using - ghost.org! Check it out, it's great, I love it. I haven't used it much, but still, trust me? Anyway, they have great free themes that can keep you occupied.
Damn you free themes!

Back to facing facts. I didn't manage to finish one blog post in 4 years. Duh.
Looks like I tried to trick myself into getting to work by paying more for hosting. Didn't work that well, go figure.

I've a growing list of topics I'd like to write about. Not because I think I've anything worthwhile that I need to tell the world about. It's just because I want to write it down for myself. I want to sort out some of my thoughts and ideas about various things, because I feel like writing it down and reading it to myself would help me to better understand why I have certain opinions in the first place.
And I suppose, or rather I hope, that understanding myself better will help me get better at communicating my ideas, thoughts and opinions to others and maybe even help someone else improve and grow along the way.

I don't know if I will ever get into the habit of writing stuff down that occupies my mind and press publish regularly. But I want to try. I already failed at it, so there's nothing left to lose.

See you. 🤞