Hi, my name is Wolfgang!

I'm a self-employed, full stack (is that still a thing?), senior software engineer, with keen interest in building web applications and arguing about software architecture. I'm based in Austria, right in the center of Europe.

The capital of Lower Austria, the lovely, but weirdly named, Sankt Pölten is home to me and my Family. It's located just a few kilometers west of Vienna.
I'm self-employed since 2010 and have been working as a software engineer since 2004. It's also all I ever wanted to do, anyway, after sitting in front of the family business' computer - a Philips Yes with a whopping 10 megabyte external hard drive - at about age 5.

I grew into being an opinionated and passionate Ruby fanboy after working with Visual Basic (yeah, don't ask), PHP, .net (Visual Basic and C#), the occasional Java of course, and some serious embedded C (programming HSMs for banking apps), some more PHP, and some more Java.

Being part of the Ruby community is a privilege I greatly enjoy, and I'm happy to work with Ruby, Rails and the ecosystem around it.

I'm trying to do an awesome job working with clients. Currently that's first and foremost Optoro of Washington D.C, building and scaling their visions and putting my experience and passion to good use.

I've experience with building and maintaining infrastructure for small scale businesses (servers, desktops), know my way around design and typography for print and web, regularly get my feet wet with things like docker (goes nice with my - who ordered that many?! - Raspberry Pis), Vue, GitLab, and constantly failing to automate my lights at home.
I blame it on being a father of two. Nah, just kidding. At times I need to get out and take some pictures and not need lights at home anyway.

If you've any questions, please feel free to drop me a line or ping me on twitter.

Some Legal Notice
Wolfgang Rittner
Goethestr. 1, 3100 St. Pölten, Austria
VAT-ID: ATU66058188